Odourless 2 to 4 days or full refund.

Effective two to four days

Sweat, shower or swim. As long as you don't rub or soap me off, it doesn't matter.

Tested on the smelliest people we could find.

14 year old teenager, through Spanish summer, swimming and running every morning: 2 days where other deodorants did not reach 12h.

Cyclist on a summer route, from Brussels to Barcelona: from 2 to 3 days.

Over 30 friends in normal conditions: always from 2 to 4 days, when, with their previous deodorants, they lasted about 18h on average.

I am an oil-based deodorant, without any water-soluble ingredients, so as long as you don't rub me off your armpits, water does nothing.

No problem, just experiment and reduce to the amount needed for that time frame.

You'll have more uses since you'll need less per use.

Or your money back

The most effective deodorant you have ever tried or, if it doesn't work for you, we'll give you your money back.


Talk to us about the issue and, if we can't fix it, the money will be in your account the next day.

Whatever you paid us, we'll give back to you.

So you can be completely sure you'll love me 🧡

More isn't better

This is a good starting amount to split between both armpits.

Then lower the dose until you find your minimum requirement.

Not all of you smell the same, some will need practically nothing and others, all the help they can get.

Most of you won't need that much, so start with what you see in the image and lower the dose with every use until you find your minimum requirement.

Don't worry, the process is the same and I'm sure I've dealt with more.

Actually, sweating profusely is easier for me to neutralise.

6 months in your pocket

Thanks to how concentrated I am and the volumetric efficiency of my jar, you can carry 6 months of usage in any pocket.

Take me with you wherever you like.

52 millimeters in diameter and 17 millimeters deep.

Whether you want to apply daily or every couple of days, play around and find the right amount for you.

I should last at least 6 months if you're not using too much.

Free shipping worldwide

My weight, dimensions and materials, with some help from the Spanish Post's fantastic global network, allow me to reach your country. For free.

Literally the whole world.


Only these 7 vegan ingredients, so harmless you could eat them. Tested on people, not cute bunnies.

Not only do I not harm your skin, I take care of it.

Extracted by crushing mango's seeds, mango butter has all the benefits of shea butter and none of the drawbacks.

It doesn't go rancid or yellow, lasts much longer in storage, ins't completely liquid for 24h after getting hot –for example, if you accidentaly leave me in the blazing sun— and smells much better.

This butter is an essential part of my creaminess.

This filtered version of coconut oil is always completely liquid, even in very cold weather.

This allows us to use it, along with the wax and mango butter, to keep me creamy in a much wider temperature range. Winter or summer, I'll be with you.

Plus, of course, it has significant antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, repairing and deodorizing properties.

The spectacular extract of this tropical root makes me smoother as I spread over your skin.

Magnesium oxide, also in flakes of a few micrometers, not so fine as to enter or block your skin's pores, has a strong deodorizing effect, absorbs moisture and completely eliminates the greasy feel off your hands and armpits.

Here too, after a year of searching, we have chosen the highest quality, a degree of purity and a grain so fine, it could not be better —food grade, in fact.

The combination of fully liquid oils, with waxes and butters with very high melting points, keeps me soft in any season.

Candelilla wax is clearly superior to any other wax and hydrogenated vegetable oil. In fact, it is questionable whether super-processed and heat-treated hydrogenated vegetable oils can even be called natural.

Silver, in flakes of a few micrometers, not so fine as to enter or block your skin's pores, remains on the surface, where it releases positive ions that neutralize the odor-causing bacteria.

Even after shaving, it helps keep your skin free of infection.

Just a few drops of lemongrass essential oil, antioxidant and antibacterial, give me a fresh and imperceptible smell that will disappear a few minutes.

This way you can always take me with you and combine me —or not— with your favorite perfume.

Magnifera Indica Seed Butter, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Maranta Arundinacea Root Powder, Magnesium Oxide, Euphorbia Cerifera Wax, Silver, Cymbopogon Citratus Leaf Oil, Citral**, Geraniol**, Limonene**, Linalool**, Citronellol**

Soft and creamy

Soft like your hand cream, creamy as butter.
Cold winter or hot summer, I'm right there with you.


Unlike most, all of my non-soluble ingredients have grains or flakes so fine that they're completely imperceptible to touch.

No odor & never rancid

Once applied, all I do is eliminate your scent, I don't bring my own; not now, not ever.

Use -or not- the perfumes you want, we'll get along fine.

Not all oils and butters are created equal.

Some, like shea butter, almond oil or hydrogenated castor oil, among many others, oxidize and go rancid within two to three months and what used to be a fantastic smell and texture, is now disgusting.

Deodorant should be exactly that, deodorant. I'm not perfume, that's not my job.

You'll find a light touch of lemongrass if you stick your nose in my jar and, a few minutes after being applied I'm completely neutral.

We can be together in any context, nobody will smell me ... or you.


Infinitely recyclable, reusable, lightweight, thin and strong. This makes my aluminum jar the best choice.

Absolute weight and space optimization.

That we know of, the only materials that do not lose properties when recycled and can be used forever, are some metals and types of glass.

Aluminum, since it is much cheaper to recycle than to create new, has 75% of its entire historical production still in circulation.

Currently viable bioplastics for packaging, require high-temperature industrial composting facilities for decomposition, which only exist in very few cities in the developed world.

If they are thrown away with household garbage or organic waste —as is often the case, since they are marketed as "biodegradable"— they end up in landfills where, deprived of oxygen, they release methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

If thrown away with traditional plastics, they contaminate large batches of these plastics, rendering them both unusable and also ending up in landfill.

Their production involves: the use and abuse, with pesticides and herbicides, of land previously used for food production, high energy and water consumption, and the dumping of chemical waste in the underdeveloped countries where most of this "bio"plastic is produced.

Lighter, less energy to move it.

Smaller, less secondary and tertiary packaging, less weight.

More robust, less cushioning material, less packaging, less weight.

Padding material is most often air-filled, ultra-light plastic; which gets blown off by the wind and ends up in the sea.
I need no padding.

The best cardboard

Thanks to its recyclability, rapid decomposition and sustainable plantation management, kraft cardboard is here to stay.

This unbleached paper, with no wax or plastic covering layers, greatly facilitates recycling.

It leaves no trace of environmentally harmful materials and, because it has a lower proportion of lignin and more cellulose, it decomposes and degrades faster than normal paper and much faster than waxed or plastic-coated papers.

For every tree cut down for paper production, two are planted. In addition, kraft makes maximum use of the tree trunk and, when pruned tree branches are recycled, the sawmill waste is also used.

My box has been designed to display all the necessary information directly on the cardboard's surfaces. No wasted surfaces or unnecessary papers.

To avoid glue, after 40 iterations, we arrived at a box that is light, sturdy and easy to assemble. As small and pretty as my jar.

Hairy or not

No oily hands or armpits.

Even freshly shaved, your skin will be all good: no irritation, no itchiness.

Scoop with one finger the amount you'll use for both armpits, spread this between index and middle fingers of both hands, then apply each evenly across the opposite armpit.

I'll be a thin layer over your skin that neutralizes the odor-causing bacteria. I can only help you with the areas where I've been spread.

That's why it's important to apply me over the entire surface of your armpit, not just one spot.